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Mennonite Central Committee, Refugees and the Legacies of National Socialism

Recent scholarship has given renewed attention to Mennonite entanglements with National Socialism: its legacy before, during, and after the Second World War. This scholarship has highlighted the roles played by Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) – as an inter-Anabaptist humanitarian organization – within this history. A special fall 2021 issue of MCC’s Intersections will explore these different dimensions including MCC’s engagements with the German Nazi government in the 1930s and early 1940s; its response to the German nationalist movement in the Mennonite colony of Fernheim in Paraguay; its humanitarian work in wartime France; and its post-war efforts to help displaced Mennonites from the Soviet Union.

Exploring themes of identity politics, refugee policies, and Holocaust collaboration, this public roundtable will discuss MCC’s post-WWII work to resettle displaced Mennonites. Presenters will focus on how MCC helped Mennonite refugees refashion their wartime experiences, navigate through the international aid system, and ultimately immigrate to Canada, Paraguay, and elsewhere. 

Sponsored by Centre for Transnational Mennonite Studies (University of Winnipeg), MCC Canada, and MCC U.S.

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December 9th, 2021

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