CTMS Event

Pulling Up Roots in Canada

Jun 28 7:00PM

The spring of 1922, one hundred years ago, marked the beginning of a mass migration of nearly 8,000 Mennonites from Canada to Mexico and Paraguay. By leaving Canada and starting over in Latin America they sought to avoid assimilation and preserve their autonomy as an ethnoreligious community.

From June to November, Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV) is showing “Leaving Canada: The Mennonite Migration to Mexico,” a special exhibit that explores this momentous event, in its various dimensions, featuring artefacts, historical photographs from public archives and private collections, and original interpretative content.

With support from the Plett Foundation, CTMS and MHV are hosting a series of webinars over the next several months about this history. In the first, “Pulling up Roots in Canada,” Dr. Aileen Friesen will examine how it came to this: how Mennonites migrated from Russia just a half-century earlier, how they became established on the Canadian Prairies, and how they came to find the pressures to conform to the wider world so intolerable they opted to leave it all.


Our Next Annual Conference

The Russlaender Mennonites

War, Dislocation, and New Beginnings

July 14–15, 2023

University of Winnipeg and Livestream