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Graduate/Postdoctoral Fellowships

CTMS administer two fellowship programs in Mennonite History.

  1. THE PAUL TOEWS GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP IN THE HISTORY OF MENNONITES FROM RUSSIA has been established in memory of Dr. Paul Toews. This Fellowship will provide $12,500 (Canadian) annually for a student registered in the Joint Master’s Program in History at The University of Winnipeg or the PhD program in History at The University of Manitoba.

    Paul Toews was a professor of Mennonite history at Fresno Pacific University, resident historian on the Mennonite Heritage Cruise in Ukraine, a leader in archival research in Ukraine and Russia, and a friend of Mennonite Studies at the University of Winnipeg. This fellowship is awarded as funds enable. 

    This fellowship will be granted to promising applicants enrolled at the Master’s level in The University of Winnipeg’s Joint Master’s Program in History or in The University of Manitoba’s Doctoral Program in History. Successful applicants will write a thesis or dissertation on any aspect of North American Mennonite History and will be supervised by a co-director from CTMS.

    For more information, email Aileen Friesen (ai.friesen@uwinnipeg.ca)

  2. THE D.F. PLETT HISTORICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION provides competitive fellowships for researchers exploring topics that fall within the Plett Foundation mandate of supporting and promoting historical research on the antecedents and descendants of the 1870s Mennonite migrants from Russia to Manitoba.

    Topics could include the effects of Dutch/West Prussian Anabaptist theology, the cultural background of Mennonite in Imperial Russia before the 1870s, and any aspects of Low German settler society in Canada and the Americas. A maximum of two Fellowships can be held at the University of Winnipeg at any given time.

    Graduate fellowships are available to eligible candidates who have been admitted or are applying to complete a Master of Arts degree in history in the Joint Master’s Program of the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba, or a Ph.D. in history at the University of Manitoba.

    The thesis or dissertation must be supervised by one of the co-directors of the Centre for Transnational Mennonite Studies at the University of Winnipeg. The value of the Master’s Fellowship is $15,000, and the value of the Ph.D. Fellowship is $20,000. Ph.D. Fellowships may be renewed once, subject to the availability of funds and a satisfactory progress report. This results in a maximum award for a Ph.D. Fellowship candidate of $40,000.

    For more the application, visit: 

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