Subjects, Settlers, Citizens: The 1870s Mennonites in Historical Context

Oct 04-05 9:00AM-5:00PM

Convocation Hall, University of Winnipeg

A Conference Hosted by the Centre for Transnational Mennonite Studies
at The University of Winnipeg
In-Person and Livestreamed

In 1874, the first of more than 7,000 Mennonites arrived in the newly-created province of Manitoba, in a migration that would continue through the end of the decade. Facing a broad program of government reforms that eliminated their status as privileged subjects, they had left imperial Russia in favour of settlement in Canada, which promised religious freedom and the opportunity to live according to traditional patterns.

This sesquicentennial conference will consider the history and legacy of the “Kanadier” Mennonites, as they became known, from an interdisciplinary perspective. Please see our call for papers if you are interested in participating as a presenter.

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