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Journal of Mennonite Studies

Founded in 1983 during Harry Loewen’s tenure as Chair in Mennonite Studies, the Journal of Mennonite Studies has for nearly 40 years served as a prominent peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, academic journal for the study of Mennonite issues.  The journal publishes original invited scholarship around a common theme (the “JMS Forum”) in conjunction with the annual Centre for Transnational Mennonite Studies Conference.

JMS also welcomes independent submissions (as “Regular Research Papers”) and publishes book reviews and research notes. Ben Nobbs-Thiessen is the editor of JMS and the editorial team includes: Aileen Friesen and Robert Zacharias (associate editors); Jeremy Wiebe (managing editor) and an editorial committee comprised of Andrea Dyck; Patricia Harms; Jon Isaak, Stephanie Phetsamay Stobbe; Eliakim Sibanda; Muriel Smith; Conrad Stoesz; Janis Thiessen; and Hans Werner.

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