Memories of Migration: Russlaender at 100

During the 1920s, 21,000 Mennonites left the Soviet Union for Canada. War, revolution, and the consolidation of Soviet power precipitated this mass migration of approximately a third of the Mennonite population. In commemoration of this story, the Paul Toews Professorship Fund, supports the study of Mennonite history in Russia and Ukraine, produced three story videos and held two webinars. 


Saying Goodbye: 

Follow the journey of the Russlaender Mennonites as they depart from the Soviet Union during the 1920s. 


Beyond the Red Gate:

Discover the challenges that Mennonites faced during the Russian Civil War and early Soviet years. 


Journey to Canada:

Accompany Mennonites as they travel from Latvia to Canada.


Leaving Russia

In this webinar recording, Aileen Friesen describes the experience of Mennonites in the Soviet Union in the 1920s as they prepared to leave their homes in Russia and migrate to Canada. The decision to leave was heart-wrenching, and the journey was full of challenges and emotions


A New Home in Canada

In this webinar recording, Henry Paetkau describes the experiences of Mennonites as they arrived in Canada from the Soviet Union in the 1920s, and found new homes, formed new communities, and met new neighbours. The new arrivals faced challenges, suffered sorrows, and were sustained by their faith.

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